Lisini Pub Company

All about Drink...

Dalziel Park Hotel has the finest selection of drinks and cocktails in the country.

The attention to detail, creativity and pride taken in ensuring that every serve is a glass of perfection
borders on the religious.

Here we share some of our legendary mixologists secrets, highlight drink trends and
keep our customers informed of new drinks and innovations we are going to be implementing to
continue to surprise and delight our guests. For today’s rain is tomorrow’s whisky…


Meet “The Twister”, a unique blend of flavours including Midori & Tanqueray Gin designed to taste just like a twister ice lolly! It’s bringing back childhood memories, with an adult ‘twist’ 🍹


Friday night and the lights are low. Dalziel Park is the place to go.Our fabulous “Dancing Queen Daiquiri” created exclusively for our ABBA tribute night 


Ross is back, and this time he’s created the “Diamond Roger”, this exclusive cocktail was only available at our SOLD OUT Kenny Rogers & Neil Diamond tribute night at Dalziel Park!! 🎼


Our Dalziel Park mixologist, Ross Clark, has created his own spin on the classic martini, by introducing a new Valentine’s Cocktail for 2018.🍹